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Jr III Racing First in line for New-Spec Ligier LMP3

Photo Credit: Ligier Automotive / Underground Pictures

Alton, Va. (2 September 2020) – Having entered its first full year of IMSA competition in 2020,

Jr III Racing (“Junior Three”) is already looking ahead to the future, and has secured the first

delivery for the new-specification 2021 Ligier LMP3 machine.

The 2021 specification LMP3 will provide drivers with even more performance, as the platform

will deliver a power increase as well as additional downforce to generate decreased lap times.

In 2019, Jr III Racing expanded its racing footprint by growing its well-renowned vintage racing

program to offer a professional IMSA LMP3 program to its clients. The team made the

commitment to grow into IMSA competition by securing a Ligier JS P320 machine for IMSA

competition starting in 2021.

The father-son driving duo of Greg and Eric Palmer signed on with the team to co-drive the No.

3 Copps Industries Ligier JS P3 for the 2020 season, and have made rapid progress in their

rookie year of competition in the Prototype ranks.

The team, which won the Bronze Cup in its 2019 debut at Virginia International Raceway with

the Ligier, has grown that commitment by ordering one of the all-new specification machines,

and is slated to receive the car in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Ligier Automotive / Underground Pictures

“We are super excited about the new car and are eager to get it to the track and start learning

with it,” said Jr III Racing owner Billy Glavin. “This is going to let us build a schedule of tests

and outings with the car on tracks like Daytona, which will be a big help for our program as we

look ahead to 2021.”

With a base in Charlotte, North Carolina not far down the road from the Ligier Automotive North

American headquarters, Jr III Racing is looking forward to taking delivery and building on its

first year of IMSA competition with continued growth in 2021.

“They (Ligier) have been great to work with and we are looking forward to continuing with them

with this new car,” said Glavin. “Obviously with them (Ligier) being right here in the Charlotte

area, that is really helpful for us. We have several guys based at the shop full time.

Between preparing our clients' cars for vintage races, working on our IMSA program, and

being asked to take on some restoration and preservation projects, we have continued to

grow our footprint, and we’ve already got the space set aside for our new Ligier!”

Media Contact: Maddie Komar


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